When to visit an orthodontist

Because jaw bones at a young age can respond much more easily to orthodontic interventions, a timely initiation of orthodontic treatment can help the smooth growth of the entire face, reduce the risk of injury from dislocated front teeth, guide the teeth eruption in a more suitable position and improve the alignment of the lips. Future exports may be avoided in some cases.

If the parent notices the presence of at least one of the following conditions in the child, then he should visit the orthodontist.

  • Particularly intense overcrowding
  • Asymmetry in the teeth and face (Anterior and / or posterior cruciate occlusion)
  • Mouth breathing
  • Teeth crowding
  • Very large gaps between the teeth
  • Teeth grinding, jaws making noise, difficulty chewing or speaking
  • Very high or very low horizontal and vertical proposition (The contribution of orthodontics in the prevention of fractures in children is extremely important)
  • Severe skeletal problems
  • Dental problems caused by prolonged childhood habits such as finger sucking and tongue promotion
  • Maintaining space for the eruption of permanent teeth if a child's space is lost from caries, trauma or premature extraction
  • Intervention in cases of delayed rise of permanent teeth that may be due to pathological causes.