Orthodontic treatment and kids

About Orthodontic Treatment in Children

Children and teens are ideal candidates for orthodontic treatment. Because the jaw bones are soft and still growing, a young patient's smile is particularly receptive to re-alignment. In addition to enhanced aesthetics, a balanced smile also offers significant health benefits, such as improved speech and better access to oral hygiene.

When to visit an Orthodontist

The American Orthodontic Association recommends a visit to the orthodontist at the age of 7 (or earlier if there are irregularities in the mouth or face). Early intervention allows us to guide the development of the jaw, ensuring that the permanent teeth grow properly. We do this by creating more space where the teeth are crowded and adjusting the width of the upper and lower jaw. This helps prevent affected teeth and other costly and painful complications later in life.

What causes misalignment?

Most orthodontic problems are inherited, but they can also be caused or aggravated by habits and behaviors common to young children, such as finger sucking, excessive pacifier use, poor diet and poor oral hygiene.


To find out if your child will benefit from braces, we will perform various painless diagnostic procedures. This initial phase may include X-ray panoramas, bite impressions, and images produced of the head, neck, and jaw. These steps also help us decide on the best treatment for your child.


Braces are common among children. For this reason, the embarrassment factor is low compared to adults and therefore we often use traditional metal braces in children. Colorful rubber bands are added, giving children a new and fun way to express themselves! However, as a child moves into adolescence, he or she may request a more discreet method of treatment, such as lingual braces, Invisalign®, or white ceramic braces.

We are here to make your child's orthodontic experience as comfortable and successful as possible. Call us for more information.